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Discovering the Sacred Temple Pathways of Mamallapuram & Kanchipuram


1 review

2 day tour

Kanheri Caves

Kanheri Caves – Ancient Echoes of Buddhist Monks


1 review

Half Day

The Golden Temple

The Golden Temple – Connecting with the Heart of Sikhism


1 review

16:00hrs to 21:00hrs

Chandini Chowk

Exploring the hidden wonders of Chandni Chowk dating back to the Mughal era


1 review

2 hours

Discover Agra beyond the Taj


1 review

2 days

Experience Royal Sandur in Karnataka


1 review

3 days

About us

Welcome to Blue Canvas Experiences, where unique and immersive travel adventures come to life. Delve into captivating conversations with seasoned experts, historians, savor culinary delights alongside passionate cooks, connect with India's royal families, or learn new skills from native artisans. Our tours, often set against the backdrop of majestic palaces, offer an enriching small-group experience.

Meet Kripa and Arjun, the folks behind Blue Canvas Experiences. From their media and advertising roots in Bangalore to their current home in Goa with their kids and canine companion, they’re not just adventurers; they’re connoisseurs of the extraordinary. Whether unraveling local cultures, savoring diverse cuisines, or unearthing hidden gems, their passions shape each meticulously crafted journey.

Blue Canvas Experiences is more than a travel company—it’s a manifestation of Kripa and Arjun’s love for exploration and diverse interests. Their curated trips are about forging indelible memories—unveiling local insights, forging connections with fellow travelers, and unearthing the essence of each culture. Join us to discover India’s vibrant tapestry, guided by passionate experts who bring its stories to life.



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