Exploring the hidden wonders of Chandni Chowk dating back to the Mughal era

Exploring the hidden wonders of Chandni Chowk dating back to the Mughal era

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2 hours

Group size

5-8 pax




  • All year long

Welcome to the enchanting world of Chandini Chowk! This tour will unfold a promising journey through the history, culture, and vibrant tapestry of an ancient market.

Joining you on this tour will be a distinguished historian and author, with an unparalleled passion for unravelling the layers of Delhi’s historical treasure, Shahjahanabad, the walled city commissioned by Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century.

This tour is delivered on foot, however rickshaws can be organised on special request. This tour schedule can be customised as well

Experience Highlights

  • This tour is created on request.

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Other inclusions

  • A meal at Haveli Dharampur can be included on request
  • A musical evening or dance performance can be inlcuded on request


  • This tour does not include travel to and fro from Chandini Chowk
  • Street side snacks and beverages to be borne by the customer directly
  • Meals/events at Haveli Dharampur available at an additonal cost


Arrive at Gate 3 of Jama Masjid from hotel to meet and greet , a renowned historian whith an expertise on Shahjahanabad

Our journey begins at the majestic Jama Masjid, one of the largest mosques in India. Marvel at its stunning architecture and soak in the rich history surrounding this iconic site. Spend some time hearing about it magnificence by our historian

We continue our tour through the exquisite Dariba Kalaan, the oldest market for gems and jewellery. It existed as a jeweller’s market during the reign of Shah Jahan. The market includes many famous and iconic shops.

Next, we’ll meander through the narrow alleys to reach the vibrant Kinari Bazaar. Known for its colourful textiles, gota (a traditional applique technique using zari), lace, stones and beads. It’s a feast for those who love all things blingy and beautiful. As we go along, you may pick up some unique souvenirs.

We continue towards the St. Stephen Haveli, a hidden gem which is the original site where the famous college was founded by the Cambridge Mission to Delhi. Also known as the ‘Sheesh Mahal’, absorb the charm of this lesser-known heritage site.

As we navigate through the streets, we’ll make a stop at Naugarha, which literally means nine houses that date back to the 18th century. Discover a lesser-known historical spot with its own unique stories.

Our next destination is the Ghalib House, where the great poet Mirza Ghalib once resided. For poetry enthusiasts, Ghalib House is a must-visit. Immerse yourself in the world of the famous Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib, where his legacy lives on in every corner of this historical abode.

We move towards Fatehpuri Masjid, a mosque whish was built by one of emperor Shah Jahan’s wives. Engage your senses at the Khari Baoli (Spice Market), with a kaleidoscope of colours and aromas. We will navigate through the bustling lanes, allowing you to witness the vibrant trade of spices that have enchanted the world for centuries.

We then venture into the heart of Old Delhi—Chandni Chowk main street. The chaotic yet charming market offers a variety of goods, from street food to traditional artifacts. Embrace the chaos and savour a crisp kachori or a sweet Karachi halwa from the famous Chaina Ram Halwai.

Our journey continues towards one of Delhi’s oldest and best-known Jain temple the Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir, a testimony of the rich Jain merchants of the Mughal Court via historical landmarks of Sunehri Masjid, followed by Gurudwara Sis Ganj Saheb

We then cross over to walk or board a rickshaw towards the Lahori Gate of Red Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marvel at the grandeur of this Mughal masterpiece, explore its majestic halls, and relish the historical significance embedded in its walls.

We assemble at the Naqqar Khana, an eminent sign of Mughal Architecture, within the premises of the Red Fort. We take a short walk through the Chhatta Bazaar and back towards the Diwan-e-Aam, tuning into the stories of one of the greatest cities of medieval times. Experience the Rang Mahal (the private palace of the emperor), followed by the Khas Mahal (the emperor’s private working space), ending at the famous Diwan e Khas (an exclusive and opulent audience hall). Our historian will continue to share a unique history of events connected with these monuments.

Our tour ends with an exquisite lunch or dinner at Haveli Dharampura. A special event of dance and music can be curated special request.

Experience T&Cs

  • This is a day trip over 2hrs - 3hrs
  • Conversation with our historian is encouraged to enjoy the tour to the fullest
  • Our historian speaks english and hindi

What to expect

  • The old city of Delhi is a densely populated area with winding narrow roads, bustling with people, vehicles, and shops. During this tour, you may encounter the cacophony of an ancient city
  • The lanes of Chandini Chowk and its by-alleys are ancient; hence you will experience a slightly bumpy ride on the rickshaw. However, our efforts will be towards taking you on smoother routes
  • Chandini Chowk is closed on Sunday, hence you may experience a dulled version of the bustling market, in case you choose this day for the tour
  • We recommend minimal diversion from the route map for the safety of our guests
  • Please wear clothes that cover your knees and shoulders as we may visit areas of worship during the tour
  • We aim to provide breaks for rest during our tour, however as these are heritage walks, the closest break point may be a distance away or with limited access
  • Private photography and video shoots are allowed at Chandini Chowk
  • If you’d like to offer tips to the rickshaw pullers, it is recommended to offer the same in cash

Booking terms

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Payment Policy:

  • Payment to be made two weeks in advance
  • 100% cancellation available 5 days in advance


  • INR 12000 per person

For the detailed itinerary, please contact us at info@bluecanvasexp.com
or call (+91)-90083 06688