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Welcome to Blue Canvas Experiences, where unique and immersive travel adventures come to life. Delve into captivating conversations with seasoned experts, historians, savor culinary delights alongside passionate cooks, connect with India's royal families, or learn new skills from native artisans. Our tours, often set against the backdrop of majestic palaces, offer an enriching small-group experience.

Offbeat travel experiences remain etched in the recesses of our memories, giving us unbridled joy in those quiet moments of reflection and lots to write home about.

Blue Canvas Experiences is an exclusive and immersive experiential travel company, which keeps uniquity in the centre of every tour. These priceless escapades are created with the guidance of experienced knowledge partners. In the tour, you will get a chance to dive into in-depth conversation with renowned and award-winning historians, live cook outs with culinary enthusiasts, interactions with the royal families of India or learning a new skill from native artists. We have partnered with palace’s wherever possible, to offer a stately experience to our guests with layers of value additions, which brings out the essence of these tours in small groups.

Kripa and Arjun, the founders of Blue Canvas Experiences, are the purveyors of all things offbeat.
The duo with backgrounds in media and advertising in Bangalore, are now settled in the sunshine state of Goa with their two little kids and a faithful canine companion.

Travel is woven into the fabric of their lives, both international and in our homeland. Not your typical travellers – they are the taste-testers of local cuisines, history buffs, and seekers of offbeat wonders. Nature, history, and discovering the heartbeats of different cultures fuel their passions.

Blue Canvas Experiences isn’t just a travel company, it’s an expression of their love for exploration and their many passions. The journeys and travel experiences they curate aren’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about those small moments that etch themselves into our memory – enriching local insights, laughter shared with strangers, culinary exploration of cultures, charting the unexplored and making delightful discoveries.

Blue Canvas’ tours around India are your key to unlocking rich, immersive experiences delivered
through the knowledge and passion of hand-picked expert guides who make India’s fascinating stories come alive so you can make them your own. Their time is blocked specially for our tours and hence you can be assured of a relaxed, immersive conversation with these individuals.

If you’re seeking more than the mundane, then consider us your partners. With Blue Canvas
Experiences, your journey isn’t just a trip, it’s a shared tale waiting to be told. A world where your
curiosity leads the way, to unravel the beauty of places that inspire.



Why Choose Blue Canvas Experiences

Expertly Curated Journeys

Immersive travel guided
by passionate experts.

Unique and Exclusive

Every detail is crafted
with unparalleled authenticity.

Personalised Exploration

Tailored adventures that
resonate with your passions

Rich Cultural Insights

In-depth conversations
and interactions.

Unique and Exclusive

Detail oriented folks
who love to travel

Make Memories

To cherish for a lifetime.

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